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2015 2U Impact Report

Innovations in technology and content delivery are changing the world of online education, allowing for a learning experience that is just as engaging as the traditional classroom.

Today, universities are taking great strides in integrating online degree programs in order to provide the highest quality education to students no matter where they live or work.

The 2015 2U Impact Report shatters preconceived notions of online education, offering proof that 2U-enabled degree programs are having a positive effect on students, faculty and institutions around the world.

All data in this report is as of December 31, 2014 unless otherwise noted.

I Heard Online degree programs are low quality.

The Truth Online degree programs can be of equal — if not better — quality than traditional degree programs.

At 2U, we believe that rigorous academics are necessary for students to reach their full potential. Students in 2U-enabled programs take challenging courses to earn the same degree as their on-campus counterparts. Often, the curricula of 2U-enabled programs are the same as the on-campus option, and the same professors create and teach the courses.

There is no “e” or “i” on degrees earned in 2U-powered programs. 2U university partners are so confident in the quality of these programs, they confer the same degree to their online students as to their on-campus students.

2U partners with some of the world’s leading colleges and universities, including six of the top 25 in the United States[1].


The percentage of faculty teaching 2U-enabled programs who believe the quality of online courses for credit is better than or the same as in-person courses in regard to delivering necessary content to meet learning objectives[2].

I Heard Online degree programs are not engaging.

The Truth Online degree programs can be dynamic and rich.

2U-powered degree programs are designed to take full advantage of emerging technology. Each program features live classes and high-quality, professionally produced video coursework. In the live virtual classroom, professors access built-in tools that foster class discussion, such as whiteboards, student polls and break-out rooms.

2U’s virtual learning environment brings all students and faculty to the front of the classroom. That’s why we call our approach No Back Row™.

Watch Rahim's Story

The @WashULaw program has embraced 2U’s Bidirectional Learning Tool™, or BLT™, to teach the Socratic method online.

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Satisfied Users

Graph comparing the Net Promoter Score of the iPad (67%), Netflix (54%), 2U Programs (68%), and Amazon (65%)

Our measure of student and faculty satisfaction (NPS) rivals industry giants such as Amazon, Netflix and Apple iPad.

I Heard Students can’t network in an online program.

The Truth Students completing online degree programs build connections that last a lifetime.

Developing personal and professional networks is important across fields and industries. It’s also at the heart of higher education. 2U-powered programs put a premium on personal connection with a collaborative online classroom, in-person networking experiences and an engaging virtual campus.

Making Lifelong connections

At the end of my first immersion in September 2014, I saw many of my fellow students in tears — they were sad to conclude the great experience we had during those few days. I have never experienced anything like that in an academic setting.

Thomas Jackson, MHA@GW student

Students are fully connected to their universities

The April 2014 MBA@UNC graduating class raised more than $100,000 to endow a scholarship in the name of a classmate who had passed away during their time in the program. This represents the largest gift from any graduating class in the history of UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School.

Mean Class Size: 10.48

The classes are small so instructors can pay attention to every student.

Sharon Lin, datascience@berkeley student

I Heard Universities do not offer meaningful support to online students.

The Truth Online students can receive the same support and access the same resources as on-campus students.

From tech support and field placement to library services and career development, students in 2U-enabled programs are supported throughout their degree programs and beyond.

24/7 Tech Support

Students have access to tech support no matter where or when they are completing coursework or attending classes.

Accessibility, for Everyone

2U is committed to facilitating life-changing educational experiences for all students. we strive to go beyond the technical requirements to ensure that students with disabilities have an equivalent learning experience from digital course content to on-site experiences.


Number of successful student field placements facilitated by 2U’s placement team.

I Heard Online programs can’t produce great outcomes.

The Truth Online programs can have a positive impact on students, faculty, institutions and communities.

In 2014, 1,422 students graduated from 2U-enabled programs. Those graduates are nurse practitioners, social workers, teachers and business leaders working in their fields and making a difference around the world.


Percentage of MBA@UNC students who have received a job change or promotion while enrolled in the program.


Percentage of increase in degrees conferred from 2008–2013 by the University of Southern California School of Social Work, making it the country’s largest school of social work.


Number of babies delivered by nurse-midwifery students enrolled in the Nursing@Georgetown NM/WHNP program.

[1] as of March 2015

[2] From a 2U-commissioned December 2014 survey of 1,241 faculty in 2U-enabled programs. All faculty are employed or contracted by their respective university or college.

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